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Mercuri Seminar in Valencia 6-8 March 2024

Upcoming Mercuri Seminar: A Future Gathering for Strengthening the Mercuri Communit The forthcoming Mercuri Seminar will be an essential event for all Mercuri students and alumni, promising an enriching and unifying experience. This seminar will focus on the development of vital soft skills, offer expert guidance on thesis writing, and feature an array of social […]

Published: 31.01.2024

Goodbye Aschaffenburg, holá Valencia!

Master students of the European Programme MERCURI have completed their semester at Aschaffenburg UAS after studying in Poland and France – and are now embarking on their final semester in Valencia Twelve MA students are enrolled as a third cohort of MERCURI, a two-year Master’s programme focussing on the critical nature of relations between consumers […]

Published: 31.01.2024

Exploring Cultural Influences on European Products and Brands: Mercuri 4 Students’ Intensive Project in Slovakia

This is the focus of the Intensive Programme (IP) PROMINENCE “PRACTICING CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE ACROSS CULTURES” which takes place this week at the University of Economics in Bratislava, from 6th November to 8th November 2023, with more than 31 students from 6 European countries: Hungary, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovakia, and seven professors from 6 […]

Published: 08.11.2023

Replay 1st Mercuri Webinar – April 2023

For those who missed the event, here is below the link to the replay of the 1st Mercuri Webinar – on 17th April 2023, with all partner Universities represented.

Published: 18.04.2023

Mercuri graduation ceremony 2023

On 10 March this year, the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera in Valencia, Spain, held a graduation ceremony for the first graduates of the unique, international European Master in Customer Relationship Marketing (Mercuri) degree programme. The number one diploma went to a Brazilian native, Ana Carolina Adamson Correa. We congratulate all the graduates of the Mercuri […]

Published: 13.03.2023

Mercuri Seminar in Valencia 09-10 March 2023

The Mercuri Seminar is a great opportunity for all Mercuri students and alumni to get together. During the seminar, there are workshops to promote soft skills, thesis writing skills, and social events. This year we learned how to prepare paella!

Published: 10.03.2023

Mercuri 3 at the IAE Grenoble

Freshly arrived from their semester in Poland, the third cohort of Mercuri students is now starting a semester in Grenoble IAE 🚀 Among the 13 students, 10 are from european countries and 3 from all over the world 🌎

Published: 06.03.2023

Mercuri 2 at the English Theatre in Frankfurt

An exciting visit to the Frankfurt Christmas market and the opportunity to see the divine musical Sister Act at the English Theatre in Frankfurt.

Published: 21.12.2022

Mercuri Seminar in Valencia March 2023!

Our priority is to build the Mercuri community and promote relationships with business practitioners. Please join us in March 2023 for the first Mercuri seminar. More information coming soon!

Published: 21.12.2022

Markstrat competition in Aschaffenburg

Mercuri 2 at the University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg (UAS) took on the challenge of Markstrat, a marketing simulation game. Together with students from Spain and Germany, they put their marketing knowledge into practice.

Published: 21.12.2022

Developing intercultural competences in practice

Mercuri 3 during an intercultural workshop went. What could be better than learning about another country’s culture while cooking ?

Published: 21.12.2022

EMDM Meeting

Mercuri Master strives to become even better study program. Due to the project under Erasmus Mundus Design Measures the representatives of the Universities which create Mercuri Program will have an opportunity to closly cooperate, in order to: – optimise the joint procedures and regulations of the mercuri Master’s program, – prepare our application to the […]

Published: 28.06.2022

Very positive feedback from mercuri1 students after third semester at TH Aschaffenburg

Testimonials. Three mercuri1 students from the first cohort who spent their third semester at TH Aschaffenburg share their experience and impressions: Gaia Falconieri (Italy), Marina Pinheiro Bomfim (Brazil) and Pawel Adamczyk (Poland). See the full article here from THA website:  

Published: 01.02.2022

Welcome to the first MERCURI students

On Friday, October 2, we welcomed at the university the first students of the new study program conducted in English: European Master’s in Customer Relationship Marketing (MERCURI).

Published: 06.10.2020