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University of Economics in Katowice

University of Economics in Katowice

University of Economics in Katowice was founded in 1937 and is the biggest and oldest business school in Upper-Silesia, one of the top universities in Poland. Each year about 8 000 Polish and international students follow our degree programmes at the Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Postgraduate studies in the field of Business, Finance and Administration, Economics, Finance and Insurance, Informatics and Communication, and Management.

Our students and graduates mature in a thriving metropolis engage in the development of the region in the course of their professional lives:

  • managing companies,
  • organizing socioeconomics life,
  • taking part in a wide range of business activities.

Our educational offer and lifelong learning programs attract students from all over the world and from every generation. Due to the balance between academic strength and soft skills in our courses as well as professional career services the employability of our graduates is very high. We cherish relations with our local and international alumni engaging them in many activities on campus and in social media. We are proud to create today's managers for tomorrow's challenges.


In addition to our teaching experience, and great teachers we are always refer to three other elements: location of our University in an attractive, unique and flourishing city of Katowice, international and multicultural character of our institution, and great employability prospects and career opportunities for our graduates.

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University of Bergamo

Université Grenoble Alpes

Founded in 1968, the University of Bergamo is a university that focuses on people as its founding value.

Located in Bergamo, a city in Northern Italy, the University is home to more than 21,000 Italian and international students. With three campuses, Humanities, Engineering and Economics and Law, the educational offer includes 51 three-year and master's degree courses. The 8 Departments and the Research Centers of the University of Bergamo are  intertwined in the town life, contributing to its productive cultural growth, thanks to research that creates innovation and knowledge spread through many initiatives.

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The University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg

The University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg

Located in the heart of Germany, the Aschaffenburg university of applied sciences is a steadily growing institution with remarkable student ratings and connections to the business world. 25 years ago the journey started and has since grown to offer 16 Bachelor and 7 Master degrees, including numerous courses and programs with International focus.

In two faculties, engineering and business/law, students do not only learn up-to-date input by professors with several years of practice experience, but can also apply their knowledge in many practice projects and case studies. This way, we follow our belief that knowledge, skill and experience are best taught together in order to prepare our students for a successful career.

This learning experience is further supported by modern and high quality technical equipment and labs to boost innovative ideas and to provide a smooth learning progress.

Every year, large numbers of Incoming students from more than 80 partner university come to Aschaffenburg and are warmly welcomed by our currently 3,200 students. To ease the start here, we offers multiple programs for International students to help settle in, such as the Buddy program, the international evening or additional trips and events before and during the semester.

Students at the AUAS also profit from the strong economy in the Rhein-Main-Region. With nearly 400 000 companies nearby, the location offers great opportunities for internships, part-time jobs and employment after graduation.



It is our mission to focus on the holistic education of our students. With that in mind, we set the academic, personal and professional development of our students as absolute priority. We encourage open dialogues and thinking outside the box, and we see Internationalization as the way to go. Therefore, we are proud of our connections to over 80 partner universities worldwide to offer our students the best opportunities.

We strive for the highest quality education and are happy that our degree programs are regularly ranked among the best in the country by the German Center for Higher Education (CHE). Based on input from both students and faculty, this ranking indicates the success of our mission and the satisfaction of our students.

Integrated into International Management, the Master program mercuri is part of the business and law faculty. It is taught at the Aschaffenburg campus by professional staff who is experienced in teaching internationally and is prepared for the expectations and needs of International students and programs.

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CEU Cardenal Herrera University

CEU Cardenal Herrera University

With almost 50 years of experience behind us, we were the first non-public university to be established in the Comunitat Valenciana, the Valencia region. The University, privately run but at the service of the general public, has always stood out for its pioneering character, achieving a number of  ‘firsts’. The first university in Valencia to offer programs in areas such as pharmacy, journalism and veterinary medicine. The first to offer dual degrees.

UCH CEU is part of the Fundación CEU San Pablo. A catholic, non-profit institution with more than 80 years of experience in the field of education. Since it was established, the increase in number of degrees has allowed it to turn into the first privately managed university in the region of Valencia. Now, it is the only private university with campuses in three provinces in the region of Valencia. UCH CEU has 5 faculties offering 20 degrees (with the speciality of 10 international degrees), 18 Masters and 4 PHD programs.

An innovative development strategy has turned CEU UCH into the most international university in the region. More than a quarter of students at the university are from abroad (26%) and the university has a clear focus on preparing our students for today’s globalized world. Today, we have students from more than 70 countries on campus. Another first.

The CEU Cardenal Herrera University has three campuses: in Castellón, Elche and Alfara del Patriarca (Valencia). It is an innovative university which offers 20 Bachelor's Degree programs (grados) and more than 60 postgraduate programs, at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Law, Business and Political Science, the Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering (ESET), and the Faculty of the Humanities and Communication Sciences. The University forms part of the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU – the CEU San Pablo University Foundation. The Foundation is the largest privately-owned educational institution in Spain, and the only one which operates three universities. Our view of education derives from the values of Christian humanism, which forms the basis of our vocation for a personalized approach to education, which can be most clearly seen in our tutoring and integration programs. These values are what drive our commitment to society, which can be seen in our wide-ranging grant programs and pioneering academic volunteering initiatives and community services, at both a national and international level. They also form the basis of our involvement in encouraging valuable research to take place. This research makes a contribution, in both technical and human terms, to the improvement of the society in which we live.

These values are our values because the Foundation was established by the Asociación Católica de Propagandistas (ACdP). In the 20th century, this association, founded by lay Catholics, established important media companies and the Spanish charity organization Caritas España. This group of people played an important role in the peaceful political process that Spain underwent in its transition to becoming a democratic country. The association consists of a group of committed, proactive people who have undertaken a series of not-for-profit educational initiatives for the purpose of the improvement of society. This is who we say we are. But the important thing is not what we say, but what we do.

Our Mission

  • To be an international university, because we do not want any frontiers for our students.
  • To be an innovative university, because we know that learning is not the same as it used to be.
  • To be a personalized university, because we know that only by personalizing what we do can we hope to help each student in the way they need.
  • These goals form part of our ultimate mission: to produce graduates of real value on an intellectual, professional and human level who can make a significant contribution to society and help to improve it.



Maybe you have heard that the University is a truly outward-looking, international institution. I can assure you that this is absolutely true. More than 2000 foreign students from more than 70 countries study here at CEU UCH every year. And this can be felt in the atmosphere in our lecture rooms and our campus.

You might know that we are the oldest private institution offering higher education qualification in the Valencia region. We were the first such organization, in 1972, to provide a new way of understanding and delivering higher education to students. Today, we have three campuses across the region, the Comunitat Valenciana: in Valencia, Elche (Alicante) and Castellón. After 45 years, our pioneering attitude can still be seen in everything we do. It will not take you long to see it once you come to visit us.

You may have heard that at CEU the student is at the heart of everything we do. Again, this is absolutely true. That is why we put our heart, soul and everything we have into educating all the students who form part of our university community – this is how we ensure that they graduate as true professionals. And we do this in a personalized fashion, making sure that what we do meets the needs of each student.

The Master Mercuri is integrated into the Marketing and business Management that belong to the Faculty of Law, Business and Political Sciences. The campus where the program is developed is Alfara, 15 minutes from the city center of Valencia.

The UCHCEU marketing area is a pioneer in teaching marketing studies in Spain, having a specific degree program, as well as a marketing management postgraduate program that was developed years ago. The origins of this degree are in business and communication and advertising studies that have been taught at our university for more than 20 years.

Université Grenoble Alpes

Université Grenoble Alpes

Located in the heart of the campus, Grenoble IAE is the Graduate School of Management of Grenoble Alpes University. Grenoble IAE brings together about 2000 students, in Grenoble and Valence, or abroad for some of them.

More than 800 students graduate each year, 93% of whom find a job in less than eight months, in all sectors of activity, in France and worldwide.

It combines:

  • All the characteristics of a management school: strong employability of the graduates, excellent working environment, a mandatory educational stay abroad, strong links with local and international business, teachers with hands-on experience in professional practice, a network of alumni, a network of student associations.
  • The assets of a large multidisciplinary public university: state diplomas, Masters Degrees targeting specific jobs; a mostly research-oriented faculty; affordable tuition fees; a substantial proportion of international students

With nearly 23,000 graduates since 1956, Grenoble IAE has had a significant impact on its environment, from local SMEs to multinationals and national companies: It has done so by grounding its teaching in both cutting-edge management research and the most innovative professional practices. These objectives were achieved while remaining affordable to as many people as possible, open to the diversity of profiles, and the promotion of academic excellence.

Grenoble IAE brings together about 2000 students, in Grenoble and Valence, or abroad for some of them. More than 800 students graduate each year, 93% of whom find a job in less
than eight months, in all sectors of activity, in France and worldwide.

See for more information on Grenoble IAE and mainly on the diversity of the programs offered from Bachelor to Master level.



Grenoble IAE is a member of the IAE FRANCE network, which brings together 35,000 students in 33 Graduate Schools of Management in France. The school is Qualicert certified. It is a tool to encourage the continuous improvement of the quality of its training and services. It has a strong economic and social impact on its environment, as measured by the Business School Impact System (BSIS). Grenoble IAE is a member of the AACSB label (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).

It is in the process of EPAS accreditation for its bachelor's degree in management. Grenoble IAE implements the IAE starter program for almost all its students. It is a flagship program of pedagogical innovation that accounts for nearly 10% of the student's ECTS credits and involves a majority of its teaching staff. It mobilizes participative, innovative, experiential, collective, and engaging methods. It brings together students from different fields of study, thus contributing to the training of professionals who are open to the transversal and evolving complexity of the modern company.

Grenoble IAE offers eleven Master programs, some of which are subdivided into specialized tracks, especially in the second year. The MERCURI track is part of the Master in Marketing and Sales. Contrary to the other tracks, it is open over both years. The MERCURI semester done in Grenoble corresponds, in the French system, to the second semester of the first year of the Master (called M1).

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