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University of Economics in Katowice

The University of Economics in Katowice is an important element of the city of Katowice. The University owns several buildings in different locations in the city, including on Bogucicka and 1 Maja (Bogucicka Campus) streets, Adamskiego and Koszarowa streets (Adamskiego Campus).

The main UEKat campus is located in the Bogucice–Zawodzie district. It is only a short distance from the Silesian Museum, the seat of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio, Spodek and the International Congress Center, which constitute a zone of culture of the city. The campus is located in the immediate vicinity of the intersection of two important transport routes of the city.

One of the University’s large buildings with offices and classrooms (building N) is located at a significant distance from the main campus. It is located on Adamskiego and Koszarowa streets in the Śródmieście district, in the immediate vicinity of the A4 (Wrocław) motorway.

UEKat also conducts courses in the city of Rybnik, in Rybnik Branch.

The material basis of the University consists of 46 plots of land with a total area of 83,641 m², including:

  • 34 plots owned by the University,
  • 1 plot co-owned with the University of Silesia,
  • 1 plot in possession of the University,
  • 10 plots leased from municipal resources,

with 17 buildings whose total surface area is 67,917 m²

At the moment, the University has 17 buildings, which serve teaching, administrative, social and cultural functions, as well as student housing and technical buildings.

Katowice Campus Life

Support for disabled students

The University successively adapts all of its buildings to the needs of persons with disabilities when designing, rebuilding and renovating old buildings. Courses at UEKat take place in several buildings that are located far apart from each other. The main buildings are located on Bogucicka Street. There are several parking spaces for the disabled and the possibility to park in the University’s internal car park.

Building A was modernized in recent years. The building has an elevator adapted for people with locomotor disabilities, with sound signals and inscriptions in Braille. The toilets are also accessible.

The building houses, among others, the Dean’s Offices of the Faculty of Finance and Insurance and the Faculty of Management. The building houses the seat of the Support Center for Persons with  Disabilities and the Student Organization of Persons with Disabilities.

Independent access by means of ramps and elevators is also possible in buildings: CNTI, CINiBA, N, F




University of Bergamo

Information about the campus

The Caniana campus is modern campus,  located in the Lower Town of Bergamo and is home to three departments:

  1. Department of Management
  2. Department of Economics
  3. Department of Law

The Department of Management promotes research and education in business administration, economics and quantitative methods, alongside the areas of management, business strategy, sustainability, marketing, business organization, corporate finance and financial markets.

The organizational, educational and scientific excellence, along with the effectiveness and quality of research, have been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and Merit, which awarded the Department of Management with the recognition of Department of Excellence for the five-year period 2023-2027.

By ensuring a solid business, economic, legal and mathematical-statistics education, the Department provides the necessary skills to analyze and to interpret corporate dynamics - both from an organizational perspective and in relation to the social-economic environment - focusing on businesses that operate on national and international markets, banks and financial intermediaries, public administrations and non-profit companies.

Welcome services

On arrival Students  will have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus Welcome meetings in order to get to know the premises, learn about the Campus and the University facilities. Students will receive information concerning they’re study period in Bergamo, around the beginning of November.

The possibility of accommodation

Students may rent a room through our Accommodation Service

Please check Cercoalloggio webpage,  A login and pw will be provided by the International Office in November.

Applications will open after November 15st: for the 2nd Semester (Spring Semester) students.

All students aree required to pay a deposit fee to be refunded at the end of their stay.

Rents are to be paid to the owners at the beginning of each month.

The contract registration fee is approximately 100 euros.

Also required,  a final cleaning fee.

Temporary Accommodation

For temporary accommodation, please check the following links:

VISA and Residency Permit:

Non EU students should start VISA process as soon as possible before the beginning of the Academic Year . They should contact the Italian Embassy of their Country for procedure. We will provide the invitation letter and any help we can to facilitate them. Once in Bergamo, they will be guided through the steps to obtain their Residency Permit.

The University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg

Enjoy the combination of modern facilities and a familiar and inspiring campus atmosphere!

When the university was found 25 years ago on the ground of a former US Army base, it inherited the beautiful historic buildings that still give the campus its unique charm. To serve the needs of a growing and innovative university, new buildings were put up in addition. The result is a diverse and welcoming campus that invites you to study, relax or just chat with your new friends.

Between the historic and delicately painted Hock Saal and well equipped facilities such as the language lab, IT center and the campus library, you can see knowledge and ideas come alive. In that, the Aschaffenburg UAS well presents the impression of the Aschaffenburg town with historic sights, magnificent views and an open-minded society.

Whether you spend your time on or off campus, your satisfaction with our institution is our goal. That is why our facilities are designed to support you with free WiFi, new multimedia instillations in classrooms and a cafeteria with a variety of hearty meals. If you have any questions or concerns, the International Office and Student Advisory Service are always happy to help to ensure your pleasant stay at the Aschaffenburg UAS.

For more details on our facilities please click on the link below:

  • Of course campus life is just as important when it comes to enjoying your International study experience. Therefore we have collected some suggestions how you can make the most of your stay at the Aschaffenburg UAS.
  • Starting with the campus itself, there are many opportunities for spending your time. Embedded in greenly grassed areas and a volleyball field, our students often spend their time between classes here. Whether you just want to relax or burn off some energy in a quick volleyball game, you are definitely at the right spot. Meet other students from all over the world and enjoy the familiar atmosphere.
  • If you are up to a sporty challenge, you can also join our university sport groups. From martial arts to dancing, you have a large choice of sports on campus for free or reduced prices. It is also a nice way to meet others and have fun.
  • You prefer calmer activities? Then you might like a quick 10-minute walk to the town center. With a shopping mall, cinema, boulder and bowling halls and plenty of cafés, bars and restaurants, there is more than enough to keep you entertained.
  • Or you engage in one of our student organizations. The Rolling Students for example regularly organize student parties and events, or you help improve the university as part of the Student’s Council.
  • And don’t miss our events like the International Evening, the Campus Cinema Nights or our university Oktoberfest! You can even join in for a surfing or skiing trip that is offered twice a year to make your stay here a memorable experience.
  • As Aschaffenburg is located only 40 km from Frankfurt am Main (one of Europe's biggest airports), it is very easy to arrive here by plane. Frequent train connections from Franktfurt to Aschaffenburg are offered by the Deutsche Bahn network and take only 45 minutes.
  • If you come by train, please find one of the many International train connections to Aschaffenburg or Frankfurt.
  • Access by car is also possible with the E41 highway running through Aschaffenburg.


  1. Students need to proof to have 861 Euros/per Month for a visa /residence permit.
  2. If staying in the student residence hall offered by AUS, this overall sum x months needs to be documented at the start in addition to the money the student needs to pay for the resident's hall. In that case, students also need to pay in advance 3 months rent + deposit i.e. around 1,500 Euros.

For more information please follow the link:

Newly built student residences allow you to stay directly on campus. For more information, please find the link below:

Curious about our students life? Please see link below:


Enjoy the beautiful town of Aschaffenburg!

More information:

CEU Cardenal Herrera University

Come and spend this time on a modern campus, bristling with activity. CEU is a not-for-profit foundation - which means that we reinvest all the money we make in improving the facilities of our campus and in giving our students have the best experience possible. The University has invested more than 80 million euros in the Valencia region over the last few years.

Share the campus with other young people from more than 70 countries - just like you, they come here both to study for a degree and to live life to the full at university.


Social Sciences and Law Building

This was the first building to be constructed on the University’s new campus and it is known as the Luis Campos Górriz Building, being named after a distinguished figure of the Asociación Católica de Propagandistas, the organization which established CEU in the early 20th century.

The building is home to several of the CEU UCH’s general services, such as the General Secretary’s Office, the Languages Service, the Careers Service and the International Relations Office. The building has its own canteen on the ground floor and dining and break areas on each floor. The building is designed for the modern university community, so that there are various spaces set aside for students to work together with their laptops or to relax and chat.

It’s commonplace to see students from different countries sitting together between lectures chatting or surfing the net using the building’s Wi-Fi connection.

All the lecture halls are equipped with a projector and data and TV connections, as well as microphone and sound systems. All of them have large windows allowing natural light to pour in. They are both naturally and mechanically ventilated, and the ventilation system can be controlled from each room. The building is also completely wheelchair accessible, and it has its own chapel on the third floor.

The building has specially-equipped rooms for certain types of electronic equipment and also computer rooms with PCs and Macs.

For many years now, Valencia has been seen as one of the top destinations for European students. As the Spanish city with the highest percentage of international students, the capital of the Comunitat Valenciana is the perfect place for those who are looking for somewhere Mediterranean, contemporary and slightly Bohemian. By choosing UCHCEU in Valencia, you are also choosing a safe city with a great history and one of the best climates in Europe, and you’ll be less than two hours away from one of Europe’s great capitals.

Wherever you’re from now, soon you’ll be from Valencia: benvingut!

Campus Life is the best way to experience your University

The aim of this CEU-UCH program is to promote the welfare of our students. Our research and experience show that the students who are fully adapted to the university community achieve the best academic results. University life is full of opportunities for learning and personal and professional development. Your time at the University will be one of the most important periods of your life. Get the best out of your university experience with Campus Life.

You have different services:

  • Campus Life Smile. Ready to experience the excitement of university? They say that the secret to happiness lies in knowing how to take decisions - like the one you took to come to CEU, for example. Taking decisions isn't always easy, and dealing with the emotions that go with them isn't either. That's why we're here to help you. We will support you to make sure nothing gets in the way of your work as a student so that you can focus on learning and on being able to handle uncertainty, expectations, missing home, and academic demands. There are people at CEU who can guide you through this.
  • Campus Life Learn. Learn like never before. Learning at university requires autonomy and interaction, both with your lecturers and the other students. University prepares you for the world of work. A world in which you must have both technical and social skills in order to form an effective part of a team, in which earning is impossible without sharing. Ideas need to be exchanged in order for them to grow. That’s why you have to start learning like never before from today so that you can be what you always wanted to be. Hello, world! Being able to speak different languages is a skill that will make you stand out in your future career. Here at CEU we can give you all the help you need to take advantage of the opportunities provided by this ever-shrinking world.
  • Campus Life Share. The 21st century is all about sharing. Meeting new people and being able to share special moments, activities, and events with them will make you feel alive like never before. Time flies when you’re having fun and “happiness is only real when shared”, which is why Campus Life will help you to live life to the full in your time at CEU – such as getting the most out of enjoying one of the most international campuses in Spain. Share your interests at one of the Campus Life clubs - set up and run by students themselves with the support of the University. Campus Life clubs allow students to organize new activities and establish new relationships, meet new people, and create sharing networks. Sharing can also mean representing. Class representatives, chosen by their fellow students, convey the concerns of students to the University. By being a student representative, you can also gain organization and leadership skills, which will doubtless be of great use to you in the future.
  • Campus Life Involved. Don't just be there, take part Being there is OK, but it's rather passive. It's better to take part, don't you think? Here at CEU Campus Life, we can offer you various initiatives in which you can really get involved. Getting involved in the society around you and learning from the situations we experience is another way of growing as a person and of taking advantage of your years at university. For our social involvement initiatives, we have agreements in place with: The local town councils: Moncada and Alfara del Patriarca. Various NGOs via the Chair of Solidarity.The Falla Na Jordana, so that we can offer an eye-catching programme of activities throughout the academic year.

You can also add a hospitality package to your stage in UCHCEU

Ten reasons to discover Valencia:
How to get to Valencia:

Link to students clubs:


Université Grenoble Alpes

Grenoble has one of the most beautiful campuses in France. Grenoble, known as the capital of the Alps, is a city known for its outdoor activities, its technological dynamism, its ecological concerns and its infrastructures conducive to sports and culture. Surrounded by 3 mountain massifs (Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors), it offers a breathtaking landscape to all those who set foot there.

Located in the heart of this unusual environment, the University Grenoble Alpes is present in several areas of the Grenoble metropolis (Grenoble Alpes Métropole).

The main campus, located in the communes of Gières and Saint Martin d'Hères, is recognized as one of the most beautiful in France. With its 3000 trees, its numerous sports and entertainment halls, its buildings with remarkable architecture, its 41 works of art spread over a site of more than 175 hectares, the university estate is a peaceful, green, dynamic place... In short, conducive to a pleasant student and professional life.

The University is also present in the city centre of Grenoble, through the establishment of some of its institutes, and is located in the southern districts of the city, in Grenoble and Echirolles.

Grenoble's scientific peninsula, which notably hosts the famous Synchrotron, but also other major facilities dedicated to research, is the subject of a large-scale urban operation aimed at making this district a real place to live, with new housing, new public spaces and a new mobility offer. Numerous services are being deployed to make it easier for students and staff to settle in and to answer all practical questions related to daily life (housing, transport, catering, health, etc.).

In an nutshell: 60,000 students from all over the world, exceptional natural scenery, cultural and sports events, dynamic associations… Come and join us to see for yourself why Grenoble ranks among the best student cities in France!

You really should visit for more information on student life in Grenoble, how to get there, and, more generally, to learn everything you need to know about
studying in Grenoble!