About Project

Erasmus Plus Programme Erasmus Mundus Design Measures (EMDM) are projects within 2021-2027 framework, which encourage internationalization of curricula and forming partnership among HEI worldwide. The goal is reached through support in the design of “high-level study programmes at master level, jointly delivered by an international consortium of HEIs from different countries worldwide and with specific expertise and interest in the concerned study areas/professional domains.” The consortium of Universities shall form a partnership devoted to develop a fully integrated curriculum which will aim at recrutiting best students worldwide, lead to a joint or multiple degree and will ensure physical mobility of the students.

The consortium of four European universities (University of Economics in Katowice – Poland, University Grenoble Alpes – France, University of Applied Science in Aschaffenburg – Germany and CEU Cardenal Herrera University – Spain) have started to work together to build a new, fully integrated and innovative study programme in the area of consumer relationship marketing. With a view to overcoming the problems and challenges they have identified related to administrative and legal topics, the consortium decided to apply for the EMDM fund to prepare the groundwork for a joint master programme and got a funds granted on 1st December 2021. The project takes place from 2021-2023 and has several objectives which support the design of the curriculum and the optimisation of procedures particularly in the following areas:
coordination and management of the study programme,
definition of common/joined rules and criteria of enrolment,
integrated and standardised student services,
rules and procedures of graduation,
financial management,
programme-specific quality assurance and accreditation,
joint promotion strategy.

Above mentioned steps enables partners to design the high quality program which offer firstly a double diploma, and potentially a combined diploma after a few years, to its students. Consortium have worked for 15 months to prepare procedures that enable further cooperation over European Master in Consumer Relationship Marketing.