Goodbye Aschaffenburg, holá Valencia!

Master students of the European Programme MERCURI have completed their semester at Aschaffenburg UAS after studying in Poland and France – and are now embarking on their final semester in Valencia Twelve MA students are enrolled as a third cohort of MERCURI, a two-year Master’s programme focussing on the critical nature of relations between consumers and companies/brands. The Students come from different countries in and outside Europe and have been selected for the MA programme MERCURI which aims at familiarizing them with the complexity of consumer behaviors and their determinants in a unique transnational format: Mercuri is a European Master (MA) that takes place over two years (120 ECTS) in four different countries: students start their academic studies at the University of Economcis in Katowice as coordinating institution, then move in their second semester to France where they specialize at IAE Grenoble. In their third semester focus on companies and marketing strategies at TH Aschaffenburg before moving to Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera in Valencia where they complete their two-year studies and graduate. Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress is the academic coordinator for this programme in the Faculty of Economics and Law at TH Aschaffenburg and has been working closely from the onset with her European counterparts at the respective partner universities in Poland, France and Spain to develop and implement te format of this transnational MA degree. The syllabus TH Aschaffenburg comprises courses of International Marketing, Corporate Communication, Marketing Research and Data Mining, A marketing simulation, International Digital Economy and Organizational Behaviour. Each semester students specialize in at least one foreign languages – during their semester in Aschaffenburg either German as a foreign language or Spanish to prepare for their final semester in Valencia. Students interested in this MA programme can directly apply to the coordinating institution in Kattowice and more information can be found on the website of the European Master programme and consortium