Mercuri Alumni – 1st study 2024 – Good news from our graduates!

In March 2024, the Mercuri consortium conducted a survey to know about the professional situations of the two first graduated cohorts. Below are the key insights. Note that the second generation only graduated in the end of 2023.

80% of them have a job. 60% of the positions already are permanent. They mainly work in Germany and in France, but also in Italy, in the Netherlands or in Poland.

Some of the positions they have: CRM specialist, E-Commerce Specialist, Social media manager, Country Manager, Partnership Manager, Junior Marketing Administrator, Junior Loyalty Manager, Junior Brand Manager, Sales & Brand Manager, IA consultant.

Some of the institutions/companies they work for: Schneider Electric, Dassault Systèmes, Hugo Boss AG, Uber, Fairphone BV, Nextory, Rise Up Fashion, Oceansapart, Hamburg Internet Shops Group, BDSWISS, Luding, Singulart, AllSaints, Illuminem, Locasun…

Almost 90% consider that their job is consistent with their mercuri degree. And finally, 75% consider that their mercuri profile helped a lot in finding their jobs.